Hey, First Time DMs!

Last weekend, my younger brother and I played a quick one-session campaign with two of my other friends over Skype. After we were done, he told me that he had really enjoyed our campaign and wanted to learn how to make his own dungeons, lore, and stories. I was happy to oblige. Here’s how I explained it to him, being a first time DM.

I hope you find this helpful!

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Creating a Character

Hey everyone, I wish you well. In this post, I’ll be guiding you through how to design your own character using the 4e character sheet. This is going to be quite long, so buckle down and get your polyhedral dice ready! Today, we’ll be using a Human Rogue as a base, since they’re what I suggest for every first-time adventurer.

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Pre-made Campaigns

Hey guys! Today I’m going to talk about supplies for pre-made campaigns and some extra rulebooks you can grab to spice up your games. These items are all available for cheap (and if you’re internet-savvy, you can find them for free online) and are easy to use for first time DMs; or those who just want to take a break from spending hours in seclusion drawing maps and writing encounters. Continue reading

Pulling a Campaign Out of Thin Air

I thought this would be a very informative topic to blog about, since not every DM makes it their highest priority to preplan every little piece of information shoved into a campaign. This is especially important to read if you’re thinking about making your first campaign. I’ll be talking about Narrative Improvisation; which is a lot like taking an antique German cuckoo clock, and then asking someone to add a built-in toaster oven. Continue reading

DIY Crafts For a Low Budget DM (Part 2)

Welcome to the second installation of this post series! Last time, I talked about cheap supplies for DMs that anyone is able to obtain in order to create an enthralling experience for their players. Today, I’ll be talking about how to create terrain that’s visually striking, cheap, and easy to make! This craft will require supplies listed in the previous post, and other easily obtained, cheap materials.

I did tell a little fib in my last post; however, and did not have the time to craft these items a second time before putting this up. I will explain in excruciating detail how to craft this item, so no fear.

[Part 1]

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Craft Supplies for a Low Budget DM (Part 1)

Not every DM has the ability to shell out hundreds of dollars per map on terrain supplies, miniatures, and especially not tiles or battle grids. These items can easily be found in your house, or purchased at a variety of places that aren’t out of your budget.  these are some tips and tricks I use personally to ensure my party has a fulfilling experience, and is inexpensive enough that I can pick these things up when I have pocket change! Continue reading