Pathfinder Campaign, New Company, Old Friends

This weekend, I travelled quite a way away from home and had the pleasure of being with some friends who I rarely get to see. On Friday night after our late-night plans were done with, we had decided the rendez-vous for our campaign would be at the friend’s house with the biggest basement – so people could sleep over if the game went on too late. It was an impromptu campaign of Pathfinder, and our DM is (apparently) notorious for throwing in high level monsters and too many traps for a contained space. I thought I was prepared for the worst someone could throw at me. I like to think that I can be a tough DM sometimes.

 I don’t come anywhere close to her.

Yurdzin Steelaxe

I decided to play something different than an elf considering the first time I played Pathfinder was almost six years ago. In this post, you will be introduced to Yurdzin Steelaxe the Dwarf Inquisitor. I had a lot of difficulty navigating the Pathfinder character creation sheet, and had to refer to an online guide for a few things, as well as my items purchased since I was unaware of what I was able to “buy” to start my journey with.

Yurdzin Steelaxe is a portly, middle aged Dwarf. His red hair is greying at the temples, and is braided down the middle of his back in two neat plaited rows. He dual wields daggers in combat and wears steel armour with an engraving of his kingdom’s crest on it. Slightly under 4’5″, he is the shortest in the party, and also one of the heaviest – weighing in at close to 215 lbs.

Since I was playing with seasoned Pathfinder players, the DM suggested we jumped Yurdzin up to level 9 – everyone else’s characters are around 12. It gave me something to work toward during the campaign and not start out completely defenceless. In this company, I was the only one playing with a Dwarf character, and the only one who had chosen a base class on top of that! I felt quite lost.

The Campaign

Running for hours, from about midnight to close to four in the morning, we lost half of the party by the end. There were maybe four or five mini-boss encounters before the final encounter. It was laid out as a basic dungeon crawl – I think for my sake – but everyone was right. Our DM threw in a terrifying amount of NPCs that were working against us, traps in the dungeon that I kept triggering and my skills were too low to fix, as well as level 20 monsters in a level 15 dungeon. I had a lot more fun playing this game of Pathfinder, and I feel like it was because I was with friends, the people I was playing with were my age – unlike at Fan Expo, where the DM was probably in his late 30s, combined with the fact that it was about two in the morning and everyone was making bad decisions because we were all very, very tired.

I feel that this weekend really opened my eyes to how fun playing Pathfinder can be, and I think that I will try to run my own campaign of it after a few more sessions. However, I feel like it does play like 3.5 quite a lot, and I didn’t exactly enjoy that edition of D&D, but as a DM I’m very willing to expand my horizons!

Until Next Time!




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