Battle for Owainsguard

This past weekend, I played in an AD&D2 campaign with a few older friends (and I didn’t have to DM!). The setup was definitely different than anything I had experienced before; a dungeon with a timed ending in mind. It was very difficult to maneuver even at level 15, although I had a lot of fun.

I’ll summarize some of the things that went on!

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Pathfinder Campaign, New Company, Old Friends

This weekend, I travelled quite a way away from home and had the pleasure of being with some friends who I rarely get to see. On Friday night after our late-night plans were done with, we had decided the rendez-vous for our campaign would be at the friend’s house with the biggest basement – so people could sleep over if the game went on too late. It was an impromptu campaign of Pathfinder, and our DM is (apparently) notorious for throwing in high level monsters and too many traps for a contained space. I thought I was prepared for the worst someone could throw at me. I like to think that I can be a tough DM sometimes.

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