Hey, First Time DMs!

Last weekend, my younger brother and I played a quick one-session campaign with two of my other friends over Skype. After we were done, he told me that he had really enjoyed our campaign and wanted to learn how to make his own dungeons, lore, and stories. I was happy to oblige. Here’s how I explained it to him, being a first time DM.

I hope you find this helpful!

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Creating a Character

Hey everyone, I wish you well. In this post, I’ll be guiding you through how to design your own character using the 4e character sheet. This is going to be quite long, so buckle down and get your polyhedral dice ready! Today, we’ll be using a Human Rogue as a base, since they’re what I suggest for every first-time adventurer.

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Pre-made Campaigns

Hey guys! Today I’m going to talk about supplies for pre-made campaigns and some extra rulebooks you can grab to spice up your games. These items are all available for cheap (and if you’re internet-savvy, you can find them for free online) and are easy to use for first time DMs; or those who just want to take a break from spending hours in seclusion drawing maps and writing encounters. Continue reading

Pulling a Campaign Out of Thin Air

I thought this would be a very informative topic to blog about, since not every DM makes it their highest priority to preplan every little piece of information shoved into a campaign. This is especially important to read if you’re thinking about making your first campaign. I’ll be talking about Narrative Improvisation; which is a lot like taking an antique German cuckoo clock, and then asking someone to add a built-in toaster oven. Continue reading

“DM Rhys, Which Edition Should I Play?”

In my five years of playing, I’ve managed to make my way through most of the Editions of the game. I’ve played AD&D 2nd Edition, 3.5, 4e, and a singular session of 5. Out of those, it’s 4e by quite a landslide, although that isn’t a popular opinion held by many other DMs online. I personally enjoy this Edition so much because of the sheer amount of resources available online for free, the ease of encounters (for the DM), as well as it was the Edition I was introduced to the Dungeons and Dragons franchise with.

However, due to not playing the Original D&D, as well as various expansions, 3.0, and more of 5 than I have; I had to do a little investigating amongst my friends, and online. Something to remember while reading this is that these games do not exist in a vacuum – the only way to choose which one is truly “the best” is to play it and experience it for yourself. Continue reading

Getting Started

So, You Want to Be a Dungeon Master, Huh?

For me to create this blog, it was almost natural because I waned somewhere to keep a record of not only my own games played, but also as a sort of condensed Dungeon Master’s guide, with some craft ideas thrown in as well. I’ve been playing D&D for the majority of my tabletop career, having played with a total of seven different companies, and running my first successful eight-session campaign at the age of 15. Currently, I’m focusing on making a – surprise – medieval themed campaign for a few friends, which is actually a theme I haven’t done before.

Being a DM is a lot of work, however, it’s my favourite role during sessions. It takes hours upon hours of preplanning, map making, crafting, and sometimes even a few sleepless nights before the first day of battle – getting your party ready for the adventure ahead.


Starting a Campaign.

Getting started was one of the hardest things I ever did, trying to break into the tabletop world of games. It was pretty scary when I attended my first game of Pathfinder at Toronto FanExpo 2010, completely unprepared. I didn’t know the rules of the game, all I knew was that it was slightly similar to D&D (which I had been playing for a few months prior), and that I could be a rogue elf; my go-to character for any tabletop at the time. However, after playing a session with people different than my usual group is what really pushed me to become a Dungeon Master.

Starting a campaign by yourself for the first time can be a bit of an undertaking, to say the least. It can also be something to stress over, if you have already set a date for your party’s first game. Some important items every DM should have will be coming up in one of my next posts – so look forward to that! Something I learnt this year that has really helped me grow as a DM is the wonderful site called Roll20 where you can host online tabletop games with your party. This site allows you to play online with people, by invite only, and the interface is very controlled and neat, and is easy to navigate.

And Now, I Bid You Adieu.