Creating a Character

Hey everyone, I wish you well. In this post, I’ll be guiding you through how to design your own character using the 4e character sheet. This is going to be quite long, so buckle down and get your polyhedral dice ready! Today, we’ll be using a Human Rogue as a base, since they’re what I suggest for every first-time adventurer.



Alrighty! This is what your character sheet should look like if you’re playing 4e. This is both pages, just put together in a landscape spread.

Let’s get started


Filling in the above information is quite easy! Pick a name for your character. Today, we’ll be filling out the personality and abilities of Johan Ariyani.  Fill out your name in the top right-hand corner where it states “player name”. In the little box beside the name, write a 1, unless you are creating a higher level character. Next,  pick  the class of your PC. We have already stated that Johan will be a rogue, so write that on the “Class” line. Do not write anything on “Paragon Path” or “Epic Destiny” if you are a level 1. In the box for experience points, write a zero.

Moving on, Johan is going to be Human. Put that on the Race line. Correct me if I’m wrong, but all PCs are medium-sized on the map, so write ‘med’ on the line where it says “size”. This next part is up for you to determine! You can either roll for it, or just think about the kind of character you want to create. But remember when picking your alignment; literally no one likes playing with chaotic evil characters, true neutral doesn’t exist, and lawful good is just as annoying.

Ability Scores and Race Specific Features

On pg. 46 of the Player’s Handbook 1 you can find the statblock for Humans. It looks exactly like this.


This lists all of the race specific features for Humans.

The next step is to assign Ability Scores. The base stat for these is always 10, and this is where your dice come in. There are a few ways to do this; choosing from a set of predetermined numbers, rolling dice, or adding 22 points to these base stats in any way you choose. I prefer to use the dice method, so we’ll use four six-sided dice (4d6 in D20 lingo). Remember to use a pencil on your sheet, as your stats will change over time!

abilityAlright so this is what it looks like before you do your dice rolling. These stats will affect how your ability checks play out during games; which in turn, will also affect how the other players will think of you. If you refer to the Player’s Handbook, it states that the Rogue class should focus on Dexterity, Strength, and Charisma. (This can be found on pg 116)

ability2When rolling, take the lowest die away and add the rest up. That’s the total. Now, it’s time for the Ability Modifiers. Looking at this t-chart, you can fill out the second column easily. Leave the third one blank if you’re a first level player.

thingReferring back to the Human statblock, it states that Johan can put a +2 modifier on any one ability of my choosing. Let’s place that on his Intelligence, now changing it to an overall 12, instead of a 10.

This is a very quick look at how to start designing your character! When I was a first-time adventurer, I found this blog very useful!

See You Later, Space Cowboy.



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