Pre-made Campaigns

Hey guys! Today I’m going to talk about supplies for pre-made campaigns and some extra rulebooks you can grab to spice up your games. These items are all available for cheap (and if you’re internet-savvy, you can find them for free online) and are easy to use for first time DMs; or those who just want to take a break from spending hours in seclusion drawing maps and writing encounters.Personally, I’ve never ran a pre-made campaign so digging around on the internet was required!


Here you can find basically anything from tools to maps to download, and even premade campaign outlines with NPCs thrown in.

2. Rulebooks

There are many extra rulebooks available for nearly every edition of D&D imaginable. Off the top of my head, her are a few you may want to pick up!

  • Greyhawk (AD&D)
  • Unearthed Arcana (AD&D)
  • Skills and Powers (AD&D2)
  • Psionics (D&D4e)

These allow your game to have more specified rules and a wider variety of monsters, Classes, and sometimes even events that are able to happen.

3. Character Creator

Not really mandatory for pre-made campaigns, however I use this quite often when making my own characters! It’s very easy to navigate, and gives you plenty of choices for background on your PC. You are able to print out a character sheet afterward. This version is for 4e, however.


4. Wizards of the Coast

Who would have thought that the producers of the game would have released free content? I certainly didn’t! You can take a look at all the 3e adventures they have available on their site.

These are all just resources to help you plan the actual campaign. However, if you wanted to make a quick and easy, no crafting required dungeon I can help you there too. In my craft supplies post I talked about some cheap and easy ways to make a dungeon.

  1. Lego: not just for kids!

Please, to make it easy on yourself, just use the Lego pieces to outline the walls of the rooms. It’s a quick and simple way to lay out a map and not have any of the messy hassle that comes along with crafting dungeon tiles.

2.Use pre-drawn maps, they’re on the internet for a reason!

Most of the time, people will want you to pay for their maps, but it will be a small fee ranging anywhere from $0.99 USD to around $12.00 USD for large, intricate dungeon tiles. On the off chance you find free ones, take that chance and run with it! Print out as many as you can and don’t look back. You’ll need them.

3. donjon is an incredible resource; I use it for literally every campaign

Another great website for finding basically anything and every image would be dundjinni ; I use this website in conjunction with Roll20 to make my maps. Donjon is a website that’s not too complicated to navigate, however my only complaint is that the servers sometimes go down from having too many users online at once. You can find names for NPCs, make a themed dungeon, or even an outline for a campaign, if you’re out of ideas on how to start!

So whether you want to take a break from writing your own campaigns, or just want to add in some cool elements into your campaign; I hope you found this useful! Definitely store these references for later, because at some point you will probably have a player who thinks that they’ll want to DM a session or two. Let them!

Get outta here, courier.


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