Battle for Owainsguard

This past weekend, I played in an AD&D2 campaign with a few older friends (and I didn’t have to DM!). The setup was definitely different than anything I had experienced before; a dungeon with a timed ending in mind. It was very difficult to maneuver even at level 15, although I had a lot of fun.

I’ll summarize some of the things that went on!

Our game was played over Skype, as most of the Party lives in the US, and I’m up in Canada -although our DM was from Wales. We set up at around 8 am EST, which gave everyone a fair amount of time in the day for the campaign to happen!

Since we were playing D&D2; I decided to use the character I had created back up at summer camp last year. She’s an Elf Berserker, standing at 5’6 and 110 lbs. Her name is Ulna Rivera’n. I won’t get into character descriptions, but just know that she’s conventionally attractive with dark skin and green eyes with horizontal pupils.

Our DM began the game by having the PCs meet in a tavern in the capital city of Owainsguard, under the recommendation of the good king Trevlayin. We were met by a messenger who delivered the news that we would have to enter the catacombs to retrieve special herbs and ingredients for the castle’s Shaman.

King Trevlayin and his entire family had fallen deathly ill, no cause had been found.

We were called to the city because we were the wisest, strongest, or most honoured of our clans. This was the first time any of our PCs had met, and we were told to ‘get comfy‘.

After the messenger had left with the somber detail that we only had two days to complete this quest, or be executed by order of the State; we decided it would be best to get started right away, not spending any time in the big city area.

In the first few rooms of the dungeon, we didn’t experience much fighting besides a Locust Swarm, and a Skeleton Archer; however, the farther we travelled, the more I realized that we didn’t exactly know what ingredients we were actually looking for.

After one full day had passed of the PCs crawling through the many spanning rooms of the Undercity, our Goblin Artificer brought up the same point I had. We didn’t have any idea what we were looking for. People started to panic, we had a little over 24 hours left to solve this campaign, and we hadn’t made any progress.

After this, the DM ended the session, since our set limit of three hours had passed – and he had to go to work. Everyone was chatting in the Skype group later, wracking our brains trying to think of what we possibly could have passed or killed that was an ingredient in the antidote!

Let me know what you guys think,  our next game is on June 18th!

So Long, Rifter.


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